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All the tools that we use at the moment, both old and new, for lighting theatre are about to be made obsolete.

Paule Constable

Lighting Designer (Olivier Award Winner, Curious Incident, War Horse, Follies...)


All stage lighting as we know it is under threat.

The EU is proposing to change the rules that govern the light sources used in theatrical productions.

These changes would dramatically affect all theatre professionals, productions, and audiences.


Why is this happening?

The EU is on an efficiency drive. Generally, this is a good thing. They are cracking down on loopholes in current regulations that are being exploited.

In these current regulations, stage lighting is exempted. In the new proposed regs, it is not.

The ALD (Association of Lighting Designers) are working hard to explain the considerable impact this will have on stage and live performances.  


What impact will this have?

This affects all gigs, theatre, opera, and all live performances and stage productions throughout Europe. 

Essentially 'old' tungsten fixtures, and the majority of existing LED fixtures will no longer be available in the EU, and bulbs will cease to be supplied after September 2020.

Once the stock of bulbs runs out, these features and lights will become worthless – effectively scrap. Entire dimming and control infrastructures will have to be replaced.

All venues will be affected – in particular smaller ones and those with low budgets.


What can I do?

The ALD have set up a #SaveStageLighting Campaign - with the aim of demonstrating to the EU just how wide the opposition to these proposals is.

You can sign the petition by clicking the link below. Please do this ASAP.

For further information, please visit the ALD site.

LISTEN to our exclusive interview with Paule Constable

BLOG POST: Why Is It So Important To Save Stage Lighting? 

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UPDATE: 17 May

Good news from Brussels
A group of professionals from across member organisations* ,  manufacturers and designers in the live entertainment industry had a very productive meeting in Brussels on 17 May with DG Energy. As a result we have agreed to channel our work into seeking to draft a specific, technically based, exemption for lighting uses in the Stage and entertainment industries in the new proposed Eco Regulations planned for 2020. This work needs to happen quickly with our collective comments being channelled through Pearle to DG Energy in advance of the next draft of the regulations due in late June.  

* The meeting was between representatives of the EU’s DG Energy, and Pearle representing its members in all EU states including SOLT/UK Theatre, the trade associations PLASA, VLPT and OETHG, the ALD, the SLF, and the IALD.

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